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Warning About these Books

The books on this page defy conventional opinion: on guns, on Ukraine, on "deregulation," on education, on secession, on the Federal Reserve, and plenty more.

If it's your opinion that the American Establishment has been doing a terrific job and has the American people's best interests at heart, these books are not for you.

Tom Woods won the Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award in Vienna in 2019, and is the author of 13 print books, including the New York Times bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History and Meltdown. He is rather a bright fellow despite holding a Ph.D. from Columbia University and an A.B. from Harvard.

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The Books

Time to break up.

National divorce isn't unconstitutional, and it isn't backward or ridiculous, either.

It's the most humane thing to do.

But it's a forbidden opinion. CNN does not want you discussing it, dear reader.

Read this forbidden book for yourself.

The CIA disapproves of this book.

The American public has been trained to dismiss any dissident perspective on Ukraine. Why, that's "Russian disinformation"!

If you're a little more curious than that, read this book and find out what the political class and its compliant media have kept from you.

AOC isn't smart.

Whether it's inequality, health care, higher taxes on "the rich," the Green New Deal, "affordable housing," or "free college," Ocasio-Cortez -- or AOC, as she's come to be known -- is dead wrong every time.

This book exposes her errors and makes the case for freedom instead.

"Capitalism" didn't cause the 2008 crisis.

"Deregulation caused the 2008 financial crisis!" 

We've all heard it. 

It's dead wrong. Preposterously wrong.

It's all the Left has.

Don't let them get away with it.

Never forget what they did.

During the Covid years my readers wrote to me every day about families pitted against themselves, about devastated careers, about missed surgeries, about loved ones forced to die alone, about isolation and grief and frustration and sadness and incredulity that any of this could be happening in the first place.

We never got to hear those stories. People were shamed into keeping silent about what was happening to them.

Collateral Damage: Victims of the Lockdown Regime Tell Their Stories is the only book of its kind, and you get it free when you pick up my book Diary of a Psychosis: How Public Health Disgraced Itself During COVID Mania.

Get This Book

BLM doesn't understand the police.

Why do so many violent crimes go unsolved?

Why are so many resources devoted to crimes that don't involve hurting people or stealing?

Why are police resources deployed so arbitrarily?

The Problems With the Police gets to the bottom of the real questions we need answered, but which never get asked -- by left or right.

Every monopoly produces poorer service at ever-higher prices, and the police aren't magically exempt from this rule.

Click the button below to get your copy, and let's start having a real conversation.

The rhetorical sledgehammer you long for.

This deeply satisfying collection of takedowns of totalitarian leftism is like Grandma's chicken noodle soup on a cold winter day.

Chapters include:

  • Watch Me Dismantle a Leftist School “Lesson Plan”
  • No, Labor Unions Didn’t Bring You the Weekend
  • My Exchange With a Leftist Who Casually Favors the Deaths of Billions
  • Government Propaganda in Disney’s Hall of Presidents
  • America Is Breaking Up, and It’s About Time
  • Cure Yourself of Racism for a Mere $297

Your lovely friends are clueless about health care.

Your Facebook friends are lovely people. But they're dead wrong on health care.

In Your Facebook Friends Are Wrong About Health Care you'll learn:

(1) where and how the free market is already lowering prices 80 and 90 percent in the U.S., right now

(2) how your friends, without realizing it, are actually complaining about the effects of state intervention into health care

(3) why people claiming Obamacare saved 36,000 lives per year were full of it -- you won't believe the real figure.

Gun bans are idiotic.

Your Facebook friends never hesitate to share their ludicrously uninformed opinions about guns.

Here's how to quiet them down.

In Your Facebook Friends Are Wrong About Guns, you'll learn:

  • Why civilians have a much better record than police at stopping mass shootings -- the numbers will shock you
  • Don't countries with tougher gun laws have fewer gun fatalities? Here's the real truth  
  • How concealed-carry laws reduce violent crime  
  • The truth about "assault weapons"
  • The only reasonable approach to school shootings

The public school is the American religion. Are you a heretic?

You've heard the so-called arguments:

Nearly everyone would be an illiterate moron without the state.

Only the super-rich would be educated.

The poor would suffer unimaginably.

And so on.

E.G. West demolished these silly claims half a century ago. James Tooley is refuting them today: low-cost private schools are in fact educating the world's poor, and progressives know nothing about it.

Discover the truth in Education Without the State.

Here's a novelty: non-pathetic professors

You know the drill:

(1) Professor offends leftists.

(2) Lunatic mob demands apology.

(3) Professor grovels pathetically.

Well, not these professors.

You'll cheer their stories.

These are stories from professors you've heard of, like Jordan Peterson, and professors you haven't but should.

Enter your email address and click the button, and be inspired.

Bernie wants to help the poor, but would only make them poorer.

Want higher wages? Why, just pass a law!

That'll show those billionaires!

If you suspect this way of looking at the world might be slightly juvenile and simplistic, then this book is for you.


In fact, whether we're talking about health care, inequality, energy, the minimum wage, or the "gender pay gap," Bernie would make the most vulnerable worse off.

This book takes a machete to Bernie's platform.

In its place: plain old freedom, which solves every problem Bernie raises. 

The Fed makes things worse, not better.

Your Facebook friends think "capitalism" and "greed" caused the 2008 crisis. Not a word about the Federal Reserve.

When you bring it up, they either have no idea what you're talking about, or they plead: "Why, these are our wise economic planners, citizen!"

But when these wise economic planners go wrong -- as in 2008 -- the free market, rather than the planners themselves, gets the blame.

Criticize the Fed, and you get told: the Fed has stabilized the economy! Why, you don't want panics like we had in the 19th century, do you?

Smash these arguments forever.

Every eBook comes in both PDF and EPUB versions for easy reading.

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